Jeff Camera

  1. Full-Stack Software Engineer
  2. Toms River, NJ
  3. jeff@
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  1. A social reading platform that respects your time and rewards your attention.
  2. Disable YouTube Watch Later Autoplay
    Watch individual videos that you saved for later without autoplaying all of them.
  3. Toggle LeetCode Syntax Highlighting
    Practice writing code on LeetCode without the help of syntax highlighting.


  1. How Readup is Built
    2021-12-10 An overview of Readup's architecture, from Git repositories to AWS services.
  2. How Readup Pays Writers When You Read Their Articles
    2021-06-08 A detailed look at the financial model and technical infrastructure that powers Readup's reader/writer marketplace.
  3. How Readup Knows Whether or Not You've Read an Article
    2020-11-02 A deep dive into Readup's read-tracking technology.



  1. The Truth of Fact, the Truth of Feeling
    Ted Chiang Subterranean Press
  2. It’s Time to Pay the Piper
    Sabrina Orah Mark The Paris Review
  3. A Report to an Academy
    Franz Kafka Words Without Borders


  1. What Does Any of This Have To Do with Physics?
    Bob Henderson Nautilus
  2. Lost in the Meritocracy
    Walter Kirn The Atlantic
  3. Uncanny Valley
    Anna Wiener n+1


  1. The Jungle Prince of Delhi
    Ellen Barry The New York Times
  2. The Unravelling of a Dancer
    Rachel Aviv The New Yorker
  3. The Lonely Death of George Bell
    N. R. Kleinfield The New York Times


  1. The Tolling Bell
    Katherine C. Epstein American Purpose
  2. The Empty Brain
    Robert Epstein Aeon
  3. Our Uneasy Tranquility
    Heather Zeiger The New Atlantis